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Introducing the Express Café menu, where you can find options from morning to evening.

We offer a variety of delicious food items as well as beverages.


We offer 3 types of soup that change with our seasons.
You can find rice soup prepared in Japanese, Western and Asia styles.
Personalize your soup by using the various toppings.

Continental breakfast

  • bread
  • toast ( We offer Balmuda toaster)
  • salad
  • sausage
  • scrambled eggs
  • potato salad

Asian arrangement breakfast

  • Hot and sour soup
  • Leek
  • seaweed
  • seaweed topping
  • salad
  • Tofu nugget
  • meatball
  • Yogurt
  • Cereal

Japanese arrangement breakfast

  • Japanese style porridge
  • Salted plum
  • Leek
  • seaweed
  • White miso
  • topping
  • salad
  • Meat and potatoes
  • Tofu nugget
  • Orange juice

We prepare several kinds of hot dishes

Several kinds of bread, cereal, yogurt

Salad corner

Three types of soup are always available

Japanese-style soup

Even as it is, add white miso, wakame, leek and arrange it in miso soup, or add dry rice to make porridge

Hot and sour soup

Even as it is, add onion, laver and sukiki, arrange it into a lot of soup, add dry rice to make Chinese rice porridge

Clam chowder soup

Even as it is, add cheese and dry rice and stir well to make cheese risotto

3 types of soup


Café / Lunch Menu

Start your day with our original blend of coffee.
We also offer our popular and delicious
"Hot Dog" at an affordable price.


Oriental Suites Airport Osaka Rinku original coffee.

  • Coffee(HOT・ICE)

    short¥350 / tall¥400

  • Cafe latte(HOT・ICE)

    short¥390 / tall¥400

  • Matcha latte(HOT・ICE)

    short¥390 / tall¥400

  • Caramel latte(HOT・ICE)

    short¥460 / tall¥510


Oriental Suites Airport Osaka Rinku's original hot dog.

  • Hot dog lunch(width salad, soup and coffee)※ You can choose from the following three types. Hours of operation 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.


  • Hot dog ( plane・basil・ curry)


We offer grilled salad menu in addition to hot grilled curry.

  • Grilled curry


  • Cheese Dakgalbi with Tofu and Vegetables


  • Sausage & potato baked


  • Raw ham salad



We sell sweets from the cake house "Rivage". You can also have it inside the store.

  • O-kini (plane) Popular Baumkuchen


  • Rivage pudding


  • ring


  • Fragrant confectionery fruit cake


※All of the above prices include tax.
Takeout is available for some items listed on the menu.

Cafe & Lunch


Beer, cocktails and wine can be found on the 2nd floor at the Express Café.




  • Asahi Super Dry (Draft)

    Glass ¥ 580 / Mug ¥ 950

  • Pilsner Urquell (bottle)


  • Gin and tonic


  • House wine (Red / White) Decanter


  • Whisky with soda



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