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Heightened Safety and Hygiene Measures

At our group hotels, the safety and security of our guests and colleagues remain our key priority. While we are all learning to adapt to the ‘new normal’ guidelines set by the government, in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we would like to inform you that we are also implementing heightened safety and hygiene measures as follows:

We are ventilating rooms and public areas frequently and as much as possible.

2:Prevention of contact infection
We have increased the cleaning and disinfection of contact surfaces in guestrooms, including television remote controls, toilet flush handles, door and window handles, water faucet handles and other surfaces.
We have increased the regular cleaning and disinfection of contact surfaces in public areas, including public door handles, elevator control buttons, escalators and other general public areas.
We have installed additional hand sanitizer stations and are stressing the importance of good hand hygiene procedures for guests.
We have changed our housekeeping policy and will only clean a guestroom upon request.

3:Prevention of splash infection
We are observing a “social distance” of one to two meters and all colleagues wear a mask during services.
Prevention for colleagues
We have provided education on the risk of the coronavirus infection and have trained all colleagues to use the disinfectants safely and correctly.
Colleagues are required to sanitize their hands properly before entering the hotel building or engaging in their work.
Staff should wear a mask during their commute to work.
We maintain a record of the health status of all colleagues.

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